How We Began

In 2002 the Ttian family began working as cleaners and it was during this time they gained a thorough knowledge of the industry and an understanding that to run a successful cleaning business you need quality, functional products that are also competitively priced.

In 2007, they began selling cleaning products at the Dandenong market and soon recognized from talking to their many customers that there was a huge gap in the marketplace for quality, affordable cleaning products.

Kcrown was founded soon after and they set about sourcing ethical suppliers of eco-friendly cleaning products and soon transitioned from selling to importing and distributing.

Since then they have established themselves as market leaders in supplying cost-effective eco-friendly cleaning solutions with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Our Philosophy

We believe in supplying our customers with premium-quality products that are not only practical but provide a means for them to contribute to an environmentally sustainable world for future generations.

We aim to reduce waste, recycle used-product and replace all natural resources used in production to achieve minimal environmental impact.

We only deal with ethical suppliers and we continually strive with them to innovate and reach new standards of excellence in sustainable practices.

Into The Future

Our vision is to be the market leader in the supply of sustainable and eco-friendly products.
We will seek to further understand and fulfil our customers’ needs so we can provide them with quality products that are both practical and provide them with the peace of mind of knowing that what they are using is safe for the environment.

We will achieve this by working with existing partners to design, create and implement efficient means whereby waste is reduced to a bare minimum throughout the supply chain from production through to delivery to the end user.

We will also seek out new partners so we can continue to be at the forefront of innovation in eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Kcrown is committed to investing in sustainable practices today so everyone can enjoy a healthy environment tomorrow.

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