Looking to save time, money & the planet?

We combine eco-friendly & sustainable paper products with cutting-edge sensor technology and software that provides dynamic, real-time, automated management of your washroom.


Smart Washroom Solutions

Kcrown is on the cutting edge of technology-based washroom consumables management. Our smart sensors and software streamline processes and gives you real-time inventory data so you have the control you neeed to: keep premises cleaner, minimise costs, waste and improved human resource allocation.


Green Choice Products

The Green Choice brand is your choice for products made using virgin resources that don’t have the same adverse environmental impact as those made using conventional resources and methods. Green Choice is a range of quality paper products that uses virgin pulp made up of bamboo and sugarcane bagasse…


Natural Choice Products

The Natural Choice Brand is your choice for products made from 100% virgin materials that have had the least possible treatment and where all natural resources used during production are replaced, ensuring the environment is protected. Made from FSC-approved pulp…


Modernise your washrooms
with cutting-edge sensor technology







Our Smart Washroom Sensors can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure which saves you time and money. From council buildings to hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres & more, we can help keep your premises clean and efficient.

How our Smart Washroom Solution Works

Data Sent

Once in place, the sensors transmit data through Wi-Fi gateways to web-based software that monitors usage. (Low-cost Wi-Fi gateways will be installed on your premises wherever necessary to transmit this valuable data.)

Service Alerts

Once usage reaches pre-determined levels, the server sends a Service Alert to the Contractor that a location needs to be attended to. This means your premises stay consistently clean and ready for use. Service alerts can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Stock Alerts

Kcrown will notify you when your stock levels are running low (based on your usage data) and remind you to reorder. You can even re-order directly using your Online Portal and we will arrange a prompt delivery.


With our Smart Washroom Solution you can sit back and relax knowing you are minimizing costs and wastage, and allocating human resources effectively whilst your premises are maintained in clean and excellent working order..

Our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements.
Our mission is to help ensure that your washroom is efficient,
sustainable and clean at all times.

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